Downtown Specific Plan


Downtown Specific Plan Study Area

The Downtown Specific Plan will be prepared as an early priority of the planning process and contain a set of focused strategies to transform the Downtown into a vibrant and livable center of community identity and activity. It will include a vision, objectives, and planning principles; land use, mobility, and infrastructure plans; development standards; design guidelines; implementation plan; and an economic development strategy.


Downtown Advisory Committee

A Downtown Advisory Committee (DTAC) has been established to provide input, feedback, and recommendations to City staff, the consultant team, the Planning Commission, and ultimately the Mayor and City Council on key components of the Downtown Specific Plan. In this role, the committee serves as a liaison to and conduit with their constituent communities, informing and encouraging them to participate in venues for their input.

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Meets as needed in the Board Room at 201 North “E” Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401​

The DAC is comprised of nine (9) members who serve at pleasure of the Mayor and City Council. Pursuant to Resolution No. 2021-88, the Mayor shall appoint two (2) members and each City Council member shall nominate one (1) member. In accordance with the City Charter and the City’s Municipal Code, appointees must be either a resident of the City of San Bernardino, or a non-resident business or property owner. Appointees should be able to clearly articulate the community perspective and/or the area of the City in which they live or conduct business.

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